SELMA, 2014


I know, this is a movie of last year but just watched a few weeks ago. 

This is a story of a movement of people who were fighting for their rights and at the same time people who were changing the course of history. The movie, by Ava Duvernay, portrays the tumultuous three month period in which Martin Luther King Jr led a dangerous campaign to ensure equal vote rights to black people. 
The epic march from Selma to Montgomery signing the voting rights Act of 1965. This is a well researched drama with disturbing historical material that includes the violence which deals with violence perpetrated against black people. However, the intensity of images is emphadized by using compelling but nonetheless short dialogues which give the movie a peculiar sense of closeness. In a two hours  movie movie the viewers can experience the oppression suffered by black people.
The soundtrack is also appealing to the audience, it includes dramatic songs which reitrate the thematic of the movie.

If you have not seen Selma you should, it's worth it. 

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