Spring 2014


E a pontone "ditou" as cores da primavera deste ano.

Light and airy Placid Blue is a perfect background color for spring, offering another alternative to the classic neutrals. Pair it with Comfrey, a more masculine take on the softer Hemlock green from the women's palette, to create a fresh, seasonally inspired look. For a modernized vintage feel, pair Purple Haze, a deeper, stronger version of Violet Tulip, with Paloma, a confident and adaptable gray.
Sand, a warm, agreeable neutral, can be coupled with more daring colors in the palette – making them less intimidating. Both Paloma and Sand are perfect complements to fiery Cayenne red, and help to harness the powerful energy that intense Freesia yellow brings to the spectrum. Accessories, including shoes, in bold colors, like Cayenne, Freesia and Celosia Orange, are becoming more popular for men this season, adding a touch of gusto to neutral formal attire.
As the temperatures rise, we are also seeing a lot of vibrant patterning that combines bold and tropical colors in many sectors of menswear. Create a magnetic look by mixing Magenta Purple, a more robust version of Radiant Orchid, with the higher voltage colors in the palette, like Celosia Orange and Dazzling Blue. These three energetic yet versatile hues are sure to be a hit in spring 2014.

Na minha opinião, eu gosto das cores apresentadas e das pequenas dicas notei a falta da cor preta, isto porque eu adoro o preto e sim senti falta. Mas se estas forem realmente as cores da primavera  2014 vou gostar de as usar, com exceção à cor amarela ( freesia) que sinceramente não gosto.


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